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What a fabulous weekend many members had --- RETREAT!!!! It  rained and was a little cold, but still, we painted, had superb food,  and had great company. The mountains were beautiful, all decked  out in their fall finery, and the ranch was a much different venue  than we have ever had. We had a few issues, but nothing that we  couldn’t handle!!! Congratulations to Steph for her leadership in  successfully making this activity all come true. I hope next year  more members will attend. It is truly an excellent weekend to get  away and have new experiences. We are researching new venues. If  you know of any, please let us know. 

Also, new was our meeting place. The Health Insurance Associates’  building was near perfect. The lighting and location were great. Af ter the meeting, I was in touch with the office manager, and she  was pleased with how we left the room. We need a few small tables  for Art Share, Raffle, and the Free stuff. If anyone can bring a table,  that would help. 

We will be voting on the officers for 2024. The Nominating Commit tee submitted its report, and nominations from the floor were re ceived. Since there is only one candidate per office, we can vote  with a show of hands at the October meeting. 

Stephanie is the chair for the Christmas Party on December 2. The  theme is Idaho Country Christmas. The committee will decorate the  tables. We will have the usual ornament exchange. A catered lunch  will be served at about noon. The cost for the event is $15. You can  sign up at the October meeting. Hopefully, Open Arms will dance for  us. 

We will be painting name tags with our new name at the October  meeting, so bring your painting supplies. The nametags will be fur nished by Idaho Heritage Artists. 

We recruited three new members from our fair signups. Congratulations and welcome ladies to our great group: Kloy Debban, Catherine  Warner, Victoria Carothers 

Paint with a Happy Heart!!! 


Idaho  Heritage Artists
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Pat Marler, President
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