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Hi Everyone,
We had a small but good meeting for May. Many thanks to Laneal for teaching the cute little patriotic gnome.

The upcoming June meeting is our last as we break for summer! Summer!? What? It’s summer already? Anyway, get signed up to paint with Bev after the meeting.

It sure feels good as life returns to ‘sorta’ normal. We will get to be at the Canyon County Fair in person to represent our great chapter. The July Ornament Frenzy will be in-person. Hope you will join us for three fun projects. I’m searching for a place to meet in person for our meeting and paint-ins for September through the end of the year.


I have to brag for just a bit. I hope you all have had a chance to look at your new Decorative Painter magazine. I have a project in it--Flutterby Sparkles, page 68!! I am so excited and proud. I hope you will try the project. It isn’t real clear in the magazine article but the butterfly body is glued to the board and her wings are loose to flutter!

See you in June via Zoom!


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