2019 Board of Directors



Pat Marler                   
1st Vice President (Programs) Penni Howard                                

2nd Vice President (Newsletter)

Stephanie Abernathy                    
3rd Vice President (Membership)  Linda Williams                             
Secretary Kathy Griswold
Treasurer  Cindy Frendt                               


 2019 Committee Chair


Art Share Stephanie Abernathy
Audit Committee Winston Bruns
Budget Committee 2019 Board Members
Bunco Carolyn Wardle and Jacky Chappell 
Christmas Party Committee Kathy Griswold and Kris Winston
Fair Committee -Boise Laneal Chirin
Fair Committee - Canyon County Laneal Chirin
Historian Margo Ferrera
Hospitality Beth Seamans 
Memory Box Commitee Kathy Griswold and Kris Winston
Nominating Committee Julie Cloud and Glenice Powell
October Membership Committee Marsha Sellers
Retreat Committee Stephanie Abernathy
Sunshine Committee Joyce Dick
Website Glenice Powell



Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
612 S 1 St. W Homedale ID 83628
Contact us at idahoheritageartists.com
Julie Cloud, President
Glenice Powell, Webmaster  ichawebmaster@gmail.com