Idaho Chapter of
Heritage Artist

     ICHA Ornament Frenzy

We want to encourage everyone to get signed up early for their
favorite teachers. We have some wonderful pieces for you to
choose from. A big thank you to those that submitted. This event
wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you. You will need to send a
separate check to each of the teachers you are painting with. The
cost per ornament is $12.00. If you sign up for Kathy’s ornament
class, everything is covered in the $12, except the MUD. If you
don’t have any MUD, there just might be someone who is more
than willing to share theirs.
I want to thank Tana and Laneal for being on the committee.

Stephanie Abernathy, Chair

July 17, 2021

There are 3 projects this year

Click on the teacher's email address to contact her for questions and payments

Kathy Griswold

Kathy's Email

Julie Cloud

Julie's email


Marsha Sellers

Marsha's email




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