Idaho Chapter of
Heritage Artist

SDP Board of Directors, 2021-2022

If you need to contact a board member call the office at 316-269-9300.

Sue Bowers

Vice President/President Elect
Michelle Heiser

Karen Allen

Sharon Carlson


Past President
Susan Phillips

Board Members

Vicki Alley TDA
Linda Chaffee
Marilyn Corners MDA
Georgia Magarrell ADP TDA


Executive Director
Dana Steffee
(316) 269-9300

Education and Events Manager
Miho Halsey
(316) 269-9300

Membership Services
Alli Hilger
(316) 269-9300

Controller and Chapter Management
Lindsay Smith
(316) 269-9300




Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
612 S 1 St. W Homedale ID 83628
Contact us at
Julie Cloud, President
Glenice Powell, Webmaster