Idaho Chapter of
Heritage Artist

ICHA would love to meet you and share our love of painting. Come meet new people or join old friends.  

On October 16th, we are having our Annual Membership meeting.

Meet and Greet 8:30 -9  Meeting 9am sharp

 Meeting Place



The October Membership Meeting is always an exciting meeting with an opportunity to show others what we are all about and October is also Decorative Painting Month.  It is an event for both members and guests to do a project together. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021


October paint-in will welcome Decorative Painting Month with a free beginner lesson, for all ICHA members and guests.  We look forward to many guests as a result of the hard work of several ICHA members promoting decorative painting at the Canyon County Fair and the Western Idaho Fair.

Members, please plan to sit by a guest during the paint-in so you can assist them as they paint, if needed.










Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
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