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04-18-2021 3:01:26 PM CST
Need to email me for the pictures.

Glenice Powell
04-17-2021 10:22:50 AM CST
Carolyn did you post pictures? Or do we need to email you? thanks for your generosity

04-09-2021 5:51:44 PM CST
I have free Kim Hogue patterns. You would have to pick them up. I am in Boise, Five Mike/ Overland area. Just email me for info!

02-01-2021 11:01:31 AM CST
I REALLY hope everyone will try it :) you can upload your pictures too!!

01-23-2021 10:55:02 AM CST
How awesome this is!!!

01-19-2021 4:48:35 PM CST
I have created a message board for you to interact with each other!! Let's see how it goes :)

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